Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Only Just Begun...


With your help, One.Strong.Union. has become an important movement that will continue to demand accountability from our NY SAG Board. Would we have liked to have gained more board seats in the election? Of course. But we always knew this was a David vs. Goliath battle, and we’re proud of what we accomplished. O.S.U. candidates landed an overall average of 40% of the votes cast in this election. Not too shabby for a movement that took formal shape only two months ago. We congratulate the O.S.U. candidates elected: Sam Robards, Matt Servitto and Phoebe Jonas.

Your One.Strong.Union. representatives look forward to working with USAN, and with all the members of the SAG Board, nationwide, to bring you effective representation and a successful merger. The four pillars of O.S.U.'s promise to you, the members, are that we will be transparent, inclusive, forward-looking and collaborative board members, committee chairs and committee members. We are hopeful that Mike Hodge and USAN will join O.S.U. in that promise, as they declared they would during the campaign.

The first NY Board meeting will be next Monday, Oct 3rd. Committee appointments will be made by the board at this meeting. This is your chance to get involved! Fill out a New York Division Committee Service Request Form at http://www.sag.org/new-york-division-committee-service-request-form.  Stay tuned. O.S.U. promises to keep you informed. 

Rather than clog your inbox, we’ll be posting regular updates on our Facebook page and we hope you’ll visit often to catch up. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at onestrongunion@gmail.com - we want to hear from you!