Saturday, August 20, 2011


Joseph C. Riley Award - Commercials Strike of 2000  
2006 Commercials Contract Wages and Working Conditions Committee
2010 TV/Theatrical Contract Wages and Working Conditions Committee

These are challenging times for our industry. The proliferation of non-union work, the explosion of New Media, and the coming merger are just a few of the issues that need serious attention.

I’m running for the SAG NY board because I want to take on these issues.  I’m running with One.Strong.Union. because I believe that the four pillars of our team’s platform – Inclusive, Transparent, Forward-Looking and Collaborative leadership– will get us to the best responses to these critical challenges. With O.S.U.’s combination of NY board incumbents and energetic newcomers, we bring experience and bold new thinking to the table.

And at this juncture, we need just that.

We need inclusive leaders to welcome a broad range of perspectives and ideas as we work to stem the non-union tide. We need leaders with current knowledge and experience to take on technology and guarantee that our members are fairly compensated for their New Media work. We need strong leaders to collaborate openly and confidently with AFTRA to make this merger the best it can be, the 21st century organization it is destined to be. We need transparency so that you, the members, know step by step and inch by inch what we are doing, how we are doing it – and how you can help!

I am ready and able to be one of these leaders: I work inclusively, am dedicated to transparency, am eager to learn and willing to partner with all.  I’m an independent thinker who wants to see the very best for SAG and the future of our unions. I became involved in this election for only the right reasons: I want to give back to the union that I have been a proud member of for more than 23 years. And that, dear readers, is the truth.

Through these 2+ decades I've worked nearly every contract. I am fortunate to have health insurance for my family and a pension for the future. I want that to continue, and I want it available to as many members as possible.

One of my biggest concerns for the future is that our union work stay just that: union. For years I’ve been talking to fellow actors, casting directors, producers and agents about the growing trend of non-union commercial work in our business. Like you, I'm distressed to see products that I pitched in the past going with non-union ads. A big part of keeping our work union is making union membership appealing to young actors. We were all non-union once, but most of us couldn’t wait to get our card. Now, there are young actors out there that don’t see the point of joining SAG. How can that be?! Let’s educate. Let’s inform. Let’s gather and spread information to get that work back.

Once elected, my O.S.U. teammate Phoebe Jonas and I are committed to addressing the non-union issue. I believe that we can turn that tide around.

One.Strong.Union. is an amazing group of people that will bring new life into the boardroom. It’s inspiring to be around this group’s passion. Passion for achieving stronger contracts, creating more work, making this merger the amazing success that it can be… and engaging you, the member, all along the way. It’s a passion for change. We love our work and our union too much to give anything less than one hundred percent. I’m excited and proud to be a part of One.Strong.Union.

I can’t wait to see what we will do.

Vote for Sam Robards and all the One.Strong.Union. candidates. It's time.

In solidarity,

Kelly Deadmon