Monday, August 8, 2011

OSU Salutes Ken Howard's Record On Keeping His Campaign Promises (Video). OSU Wholeheartedly Endorses His Re-election

We came across an interview SAG president Ken Howard did with Backstage back in September 2009, while campaigning for president.  It was a great record of his promises, and a good measure of whether or not he's kept them.  We're proud to say Ken, who we supported in his run for office and who we support now, has kept those promises.  You can see the video here: 
Merger was priority number one with Ken. "It's how do we unite with these other unions... particularly with AFTRA, and work side-by-side as one to present ourselves with management..." he says. "That's at the heart of all of this."  Responding to more militant members who feared he would be soft on management, he again turns to merger, saying  "Once we've accomplished that, we'll be stong enough to negotiate the way we need to."
He also makes a great case for newcomers to board service. "I think we need new faces," he laughed.  "Mine! ... Fresh faces coming in with, not a new point of view, really, it's a point of view that's been around for a long time - it's time already should have come: this notion of us working together as one, and finally merging with AFTRA."
We're proud that Ken Howard has kept his campaign promises.  We "fresh faces" promise to do the same.  Please vote for Ken for SAG president!